Volunteering for Honley Show

We have a very committed group of volunteers who work throughout the year to make the show happen. Some of our committee members have been with us for upwards of 30 years and there are new recruits all the time as people’s priorities in life change.

What We Can Offer

You will get the chance to be part of a unique and long-established team, to learn new skills, meet new people, to give to the community and most of all, enjoy a tremendous satisfaction from being involved in a successful show that is so loved by the local population.

The Roles Available

There are many roles we need to fill both on a committee level and with a more relaxed band of helpers needed for the week before the show to set up the event on the show field.

Committee Members – General

There are specialised roles on the committee such as section secretaries for each competing class plus roles in marketing, health and safety, traffic and land management. If a commercial non-voluntary organisation has a department to fulfil a particular function then we need someone to fulfil that role on our committee.

There are also general committee members who support the committee in less specific but equally important ways such as organising bus transport, putting up signs and poster before show day in shops and on lampposts, helping to find advertisers for the programme, looking out for new advertising opportunities in local community publications, social media management.

You don’t have to know what you want to do but if you could make a meeting for an hour on the first Tuesday of each month then you can learn what we do and volunteer to pick up activities as they become needed.

Volunteers – the week before

There are many, many jobs needed in the week prior to the show, many of them quite physical in nature.

We need barriers putting up, the main ring mowing, setting up tables and chairs in various tents, setting out the Emergency Road, filling water butts, more barriers, traffic signs and banners on site, setting up sheep & pig pens, more barriers, handing out fire extinguishers and two-way radios, helping with water provision. And more barriers!

Contact us via https://www.facebook.com/honleyshow if you are interested in getting involved.