Dogs 2024

Dogs 2024

163 Classes Unbenched

To be held under Kennel Club Ltd Rules and Show Regulations
Judged on the Group System
Wet weather accomodation
Free Parking
On call and on site vets Donaldson & Partners
Showground opens 7.30am Show opens 9am

For a Full copy of the Schedule, which includes the Rules, Regulations and Definitions, please apply to the Secretary

Click on the category/breed that you wish to enter in the table below to view full details of the classes.
All classes are for Dog or Bitch unless otherwise stated. *Indicates new breed classes for 2024

Section Secretary

Mr Tim Jackson
449 Blackmoorfoot Road
Crosland Moor
Tel 01484 644246

Dog Section Manager and Chief Steward
Mrs Janet Jackson

A Dog docked on or after 6th April 2007 may not be entered for exhibition at this show.
The decision of the Secretary is final.
There is a dedicated free parking area for the Dog Section. Please note access is via an Emergency Access Road which will be closed to traffic at 9.30am until 4.30pm. A vehicle pass will be required to use this parking. Please send an s.a.e. with your entry form for return of the pass.
Competitors wishing to arrive after 9.30am and leave before 4.30pm, must use the free public car parking and make their way to the Dog Show on foot. Tickets will be required to gain free access onto the showfield. Please send an s.a.e. with your entry form for return of tickets.
1 ticket Sole Ownership
2 tickets Joint Ownership
Up to 4 tickets Multiple Ownership
There is wet weather accommodation. Competitors may bring their own tents and gazebos. The showground is quite exposed and can be prone to wind. All tents and gazebos must be robust and firmly secured. Any which are deemed to be a risk in strong wind will be required to be taken down at the request of Honley Show site managers. This policy will be strictly adhered to.

Entry Fee: £5.50 per dog first entry. Subsequent entries £1.50 per class
Junior handling: £1.50
Not for competition: Free
In the event of cancellation, entry fees will not be refunded.
Entries close on Saturday 15th June 2024. Postmark
Pre-paid catalogues only: £3.00 (None available on the day)
Rosette donations: £5.00 per breed or £1 each

Prize money: £50 B.I.S., £25 R.B.I.S., £25 B.P.I.S., £10 B.V.I.S
Rosettes: Best Import Register in Group, B.O.B., R.B.O.B., B.P.I.B., B.N.S.C., B.P.N.S.C. Groups 1 – 4, B.V.I.G.,
B.I.S., R.B.I.S., B.P.I.S., R.B.P.I.S. Best Veteran, Best Vintage.
Trophies: B.I.S. James Barker Memorial Rose Bowl
R.I.B.S. J.E. Barker memorial Trophy
B.P.I.S. Harry Wade Trophy
R.B.P.I.S. Michael Boothroyd Memorial Trophy
Best Veteran in Show. Hawkroyd Cup in memory of Mestonia Miami Vice JW
Please note: all trophies and cups are perpetual and remain the property of the HS Society. They should be returned in good, clean condition on or before Show day.
Proposed Order of Judging. Commencing 9.30am
Ring 1
Imported Register, Cocker Spaniel, Lagotto, Hounds in schedule order, Working Breeds
Ring 2 Terriers, Newfoundland, PastoralBreeds
Ring 3 Welsh Springer Spaniel, English Springer Spaniel,Gordon Setter, remaining Gundogs in schedule order, Junior Handling
Ring 4 Toys, Utility Breeds
Combined Rings Varieties, Best in Show
NB. Veteran group winners only to challenge for Best Veteran in Show
The secretary reserves the right to alter the order of judging if necessary.

Junior Handling – Qualifier

Judge: Mrs Suzanne Backhouse (Aindrea)

Junior Handling 156: 6 to 11 yrs 157: 12 to 16 yrs
Handler’s name and age must be stated on the Entry Form

Varieties & Best in Show

Judge: Mrs Lesley Tain (Taimere)

Any Variety 158: SVIN 159: P 160: J 161: PG 162: O 163: Brace

Best in Show, Best Puppy in Show & Best Veteran Judging


Group Judge – Mrs Suzanne Backhouse

Judge; Mr Graham Tain (Taimere)
Imported Register Register Gundog 24. O
Judge: Karen Powney (Knotdog)
Cocker Spaniel 25:P 26: J 27: P 28: O
*Lagotto Romagnolo* 29: J 30: PG 31: O
Judge: Ms Judy Yacoub (Laithmoor)
Welsh Springer Spaniel 32: P 33: J 34: PG 35: O
English Springer Spaniel 36: J 37: PG 38: O
*Gordon Setter* 39: J 40: PG 41: O
Judge: Mrs Suzanne Backhouse (Aindrea)
Sussex Spaniel 42: J 43: PG 44. O
Golden Retriever 45: J 46: PG 47: O
*German S/H Pointer* 48: J 49: PG 50: O
A.V.N.S.C. Gundog 51: J 52: J 53: PG 54: O
Group Judging
A.V. Gundog 55: V


Group Judge – Mr Ian Sexton

Judge; Mr Graham Tain (Taimere)
Imported Register Hound 1. O
Judge: Karen Powney (Knotdog)
Whippet 2:J 3:.P.G. 4: O
Beagle 5: J 6: PG 7: O
Basenji 8: J 9: PG 10: O
Std S/H Dachsund 11: J 12: O
Min S/H Dachsund 13: J 14: O
Std W/H Dachsund 15: J 16: O
Min W/H Dachsund 17: J 18: O
Judge: Mr Ian Sexton
A.V.N.S.C. Hound 19: P 20: J 21: PG 22: O
Group Judging
A.V. Hound 23: V


Group Judge: Jackie Tune

Judge; Mr Graham Tain (Taimere)
Imported Register Pastoral 110. O
Judge: Jackie Tune (Rottalma)
German Shepherd Dog 111: P 112: J 113: PG 114: O
Bearded Collie 115: J 116: PG 117: O
Border Collie 118: J 119: PG 120: O
Australian Shepherd Dog 121: J 122: PG 123: O
Shetland Sheepdog 124: J 125: PG 126: O
A.V.N.S.C. Pastoral 127: P 128: J 129: PG 130: O
Group Judging
A.V. Pastoral 131: V


Group Judge: Tracey Jones

Judge: Mr Graham Tain (Taimere)
Imported Register Terrier 56: O
Judge: Tracey Jones (Silverluka)
Parson Russell Terrier 57: J 58: PG 59: O
*Jack Russell Terrier* 60: J 61: PG 62: O
Border Terrier 63: J 64: PG 65: O
A.V.N.S.C. Terrier 66: P 67: J 68: PG 69: O
Group Judging
A.V.Terrier 70. V


Group Judge Mrs Sue Butterfield

Judge: Mr Graham Tain (Taimere)
Imported Register Toy 71: O
Judge: Mandy Keown (Keomandi)
L/C Chihuahua 72: J 73: PG 74: O
S/C Chihuahua 75: J 76: PG 77: O
Papillion 78: J 79: PG 80: O
Pomeranian 81: J 82: PG 83: O
Judge: Mrs Sue Butterfield (Chequerpei)
A.V.N.S.C. Toy 84: P 85: J 86: PG 87: O
Group Judging
A.V. Toy 88: V


Group Judge: Mrs Sue Butterfield

Judge: Mr Graham Tain (Taimere)
Imported Register Utility 89: O
Judge: Mrs Sue Butterfield (Chequerpei)
Lhasa Apso 90: J 91: PG 92: O
Shih Tzu 93: J 94: PG 95: O
Japanese Spitz 96: J 97: PG 98: O
*Dalmatian* 99: J 100: PG 101: O
Miniature Schnauzer 102: J 103: PG 104: O
A.V.N.S.C. Utility 105: P 106: J 107: PG 108: O
Group Judging
A.V. Utility 109: V


Group Judge: Mr Ian Sexton

Judge: Mr Graham Tain (Taimere)
Imported Register Working 132: O
Judge: Jackie Tune (Rottmala)
Newfoundland 133: J 134: PG 135: O
Judge: Mr Ian Sexton
*Leonberger * 136: J 137: PG 138: O
Alaskan Malamute 139: J 140: PG 141: O
Bullmastiff 142: J 143: PG 144: O
*Dogue de Bordeaux* 145: J 146: PG 147: O
Rotweiller 148: J 149: PG 150: O
A.V.N.S.C. Working 151: P 152: J 153: PG 154: O
Group Judging
A.V. 151: V


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