…it’s the trophies that count!

Honley Show has a fine array of trophies for all our sections.

Look at the selection in this picture from 1952, which Moorhouse have kindly shared with us.

For those who love detail, here is what these trophies were, and in many cases still are, awarded for:

HSS Perpetuity Rose Bowl — Best Heavy Horse
HSS Perpetuity Silver Cup — Best Foal
HSS Perpetuity Silver Rose Bowl — Best Rider in classes 14, 15, 16
Drake & Son Silver Cup — Best Dairy Beast exhibited by farmer within 10 miles of Honley Church
Walker & Hollas Silver Cup — Best Beast in Calf
Silver Perpetuity Rose Bowl — Best Beast in Show
HV Beagles Hunt Perpetuity Cup — Best Cow or Heifer Property of farmer over whose land HVB hunt
Messrs Carters of Northgate Silver Cup— Best Recorded Cow
Ernest Sharp Silver Cup — Best Heifer exhibited by farmer within 12 miles of Honley Church
HSS Perpetuity Silver Cup — Best exhibit in sheep classes
HSS Perpetuity Silver Cup — Best Pig
HSS Grand Trophy — Best Rabbit
HSS Grand Cup — Best Pigeon
HSS Grand Silver Cup — Exhibitor attaining highest percentage of marks in Handicraft section

Our newest trophy and new for 2021

The trophy tradition carries on but is moving with the times, as you’d expect from a very much alive show.

We are introducing a prize for the best exhibit in handicrafts by an 8-16 year old in this year’s show and Holme Valley Parish Council have kindly sponsored this trophy.

Local artist Mick Kirby-Geddes, produced this quirky, sculpted bird and we thought it would be appreciated by young exhibitors winning the trophy.

It’s also unbreakable and uses recycled materials.

Mick is a well-known local metal sculptor and his railings, gates, benches and even giraffes can be seen around the area. His trademark style of using a mixture of found objects and new materials to create all sorts of sculptures is well recognised.

Taking a leaf from his book we hope to develop a recycling handicraft class in 2022.

The Holme Valley Parish Council Centenary Trophy for Best Handicraft Exhibit by an 8-16 year old.