This is a voucher Show affiliated to the Poultry Club of Great Britain

Regrettably there will be no Poultry Classes at the 2024.

We very much look forward to the return of this popular Section.

However to do this we need

A Poultry Secretary.

If anyone with knowledge and experience of Poultry and the organization of Poultry Shows would be interested in joining the Honley Show Team, we would love to hear from you. You can contact us via Facebook or click Contact


Click on the category that you wish to enter in the table below to view full details of the classes available, judges, prizes, etc.

Section Secretary


Rules and Timetable:-
9.15amExhibits must be penned. No exhibit will be admitted to the marquee after that time.
9.30am prompt. Judging commences.
4.30pm Presentation
Payment of prize money
Exhibits must remain until
once all birds have been penned and accounted for.
Under the terms and conditions of the Show there will be NO movement of motorised vehicles on the Show Field between 9.30am and 5pm.
All juniors exhibiting must be present on Show day and be aged 16 and under.
All juniors exhibiting in the Junior Handler Classes must be present at 9.30am and be aged 14 and under on Show day.
It is important that exhibitors observe DEFRA’S Regulations regarding Avian Flu.
It is the exhibitors responsibility to ensure their birds have access to water after judging.

Entry Fees: Poultry £2.00 Eggs – 70p. NO ENTRIES ACCEPTED WITHOUT FEES.
Eight or more poultry (not eggs) entries will qualify for one exhibitor pass.
To purchase additional entry tickets at the reduced entry fee, please fill in the relevant section on the entry form.
Please send s.a.e. minimum size A5 for return of passes.
The closing date for all entries is . No entries accepted on the day.

Prizes: Poultry Classes 1st – £2.50, 2nd – £2, 3rd – £1.50
Egg classes 1st – £1.50, 2nd – £1, 3rd – 50p

SPECIAL PRIZES: Poultry Club of Great Britain Awards
Voucher cards for Best in Show, Best Opposite Sex, Best Eggs and Best Waterfowl.
Affiliated Show Voucher.
Poultry Club Rosettes for Best Large, Best Bantam and Best Egg Exhibit

Plus Section Specials and Honley Show Rosettes:
£10 Best Large Soft Feather £10 Best Large Hard Feather
£10 Best Hard Feather Bantam £10 Best Soft Feather Bantam
£10 Best True Bantam £10 Best Waterfowl
£10 Best Eggs

The Honley Show Society Cup for Show Champion
The Sykes Rosebowl for Best Waterfowl
The Clegg Trophy for best Exhibit in Egg Section
The Watson Trophy for Best Juvenile Exhibit
The Susan Bray-Hinchliffe Trophy for Best Call Duck
The Susan Bray-Hinchliffe Trophy for Best Junior Duck

Poultry Judges:


Class 13– Mod. AC Male or Female Class 30Any Other Variety Female
Class 14 – Old English Spangle Male or Female Class 31Belgian Male/Female
Class 15 – Old English Black/Blue Male or Female Class 32 Rosecomb AC Male/Female
Class 16 – Old English Black/Red Male Class 33White Pekin Male/Female
Class 17 – Old English A.O.C. Male or Female Class 34Black Pekin M/F & Pekin AC M/F
Class 18 – Asian Game M/F Class 35A.V. Rarebreed Male/Female
Class 19 – Wyandotte AC Male/Female Class 36Juv. Hard feather male or female
Class 20 – Ancona Male/Female Class 37Juv. Soft feather male or female
Class 21 – Leghorn AC Male/Female Class 38Junior True Bantam male or female
Class 22 – Rhode Island Red Male/Female Class 39Junior Handler Class 7-14 yrs old
Class 23 – Sussex AC Male/Female Class 40AV Trio Bantam
Class 24 – Buff Rock Male/Female
Class 25 – Australorp Male/Female
Class 26 – Japanese AC Male/Female
Class 27Serama Male/Female
Class 28Dutch Male/ Female
Class 29Any Other Variety Male

Class 19 – Kindly sponsored by Mr S J Bamforth, 12 Westgate, Meltham, Holmfirth


Bantam Eggs not to exceed 1.5 ounces.

All Exhibits to be subject to test, or at the Judge’s discretion, one egg may be broken.

Class E60 – 6 Hen Eggs AC Class E72 – 3 AOC Hen Eggs
Class E61 – 3 White Hen Eggs Class E73 – 6 AOC Hen Eggs
Class E62 – 3 Brown Hen Eggs Class E74 – 3 AOC Bantam Eggs
Class E63 – 6 Brown Hen Eggs Class E75 – 6 AOC Bantam Eggs
Class E64 – 3 Light Brown Hen Eggs Class E76 – 1 Supreme Hen Egg
Class E65 – 6 Light Brown Hen Eggs Class E77 – 1 Supreme Bantam Egg
Class E66 – 3 Hen Eggs, each of a different colour Class E78 – 1 Contents Hen Egg
Class E67 – 3 White/Cream Bantam Eggs Class E79 – 1 Contents Bantam Egg
Class E68 – 3 Light Brown Bantam Eggs Class E80 – 1 Contents Duck Egg
Class E69 – 3 Brown Bantam Eggs Class E81 – 1 Single Duck Egg
Class E70 – 6 Brown Bantam Eggs Class E82 – 3 Duck Eggs
Class E71 – 3 Bantam Eggs, each of different colour Class E83 – Decorated Egg

Large Poultry

Class 1 – Old English Game Male or Female
Class 2 – Soft Feather Male or female
Class 3 – Any Variety Rare Breed
Class 3a – Trio of Large Poultry


Class 4 – Heavy Drake or Duck
Class 5 – Light Drake
Class 6 – Light Duck
Class 7 – White Call Duck
Class 8 – Runner Duck or Drake

Class 9 – White Call Drake
Class 10 – Any Other Colour Call Duck/Drake
Class 11 – Bantam Duck or Drake
Class 12 – Juvenile AV Duck/Drake

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