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What will there be on Show in 2020?

Every year, at Honley Show, we are delighted to bring you a display of vintage tractors and farm machinery.  These machines that have worked the land, many still in use today and kept running with the love and attention of their owners.  We are very fortunate to have a wonderful display of our world famous local David Brown tractors, from pre 1956 Cropmasters right up to the last models to run off the line at Meltham in 1988.  We have many lovingly restored vintage tractors, as well as some in their original condition, with models including the instantly recognisable grey Fergies, the magnificent Field Marshall series contractors, David Browns of all shapes, ages and sizes including a very rare 1953 Bristol 20 Crawler complete with the Tru-Tract plough built by David Brown. We hope to have good display too of horticultural implements. Please stop by to speak with their owners, they will be delighted to tell you about their exhibits. We will be parading in the main ring during the afternoon so please ensure you get a good ringside seat to admire these wonderful machines!

All the exhibits will be available for viewing after 9am but please do not climb on to any of them. Their proud owners will probably be close by and enjoy nothing more than imparting their wisdom and knowledge on to any unsuspecting members of the public so feel free to ask them questions!

Thank you for visiting this section and we hope you have a wonderful day out at Honley Show.

Wanted – New Tractor Secretary for 2021

If anyone from the tractor- owning community is interested in taking on the role to ensure the continuation of this popular feature of the Show, please contact me. For more information, click on the button below.

Katie Green, Tractor Section Secretary.

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Section Secretary

Katie Green
30 Moor Lane
Tel: 07789 394 091