Rabbits 2022

Rabbits 2022

BRC 2* and BRC 1* Show (run under BRC Rules)

Click on the category/breed that you wish to enter in the table below to view full details of the classes available, judges, prizes, etc.

Fur and Pet Lops Rex and Fancy[/fusion_one_page_text_link]

Section Secretary

Miss Sam Vogan
4 Morris Ave

01925 481398 (4-9pm only)
Phone, text, WhatsApp 07873929324

BRC 2* Show

Classification: Ad/U5 (U4 Dutch)

Judging commences at 11.am.
Penning by 9.15am to enable cars to be moved to Car Parks from the Showfield .
There will be no movement of vehicles on the showground between 9.30am and 5pm.
Classification Adult & Young unless stated.

Entry Fee: £3/£2 SRSBC + 50p levy per exhibitor
Unst. and Pets £2. N.P.M.
Lucky Pen. 50p. (auto-entered).

Entries by post to the section secretary. Unfortunately we cannot accept entries on the day.

Closing date for entries is Monday 18th July
Postal entries with fees payable to Honley Show Society Ltd. Please enclose C5 SAE for return of passes.
Pass with two block entries, maximum 3 passes. 60p charges for posting passes.
For additional tickets at the discounted price, see the appropriate section on the entry form.

Prize Money: £1, 60p, 40p. Lucky Pen £10
Prizes: BRC offers: 123 CCs, 20 BOBs, 4 Dips BIS & Rosettes.
Rosettes and trophies offered by Honley Show.

Download Entry Form
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Owned by Child under 5yrs of age
Owned by Child 5 – 11 yrs
Owned by Child 12 – 16
Owned by Adult


Judge:Mr B Platt

Arg Noir, Crm, AOC.
Sil Fox B, AOC.
Bev White, AOC.
Sall Iv, AOV.
Min Sat.
Sib AC.
RV Fur, AOV Fur.
Unst Fur AA.
Jr Fur exh AVAA.


Judge: Mr J Kay

Cash AC.
Dwf REW, AOC Self, Ag, AOC Ag Patt, AOC N/Self.AOC Self.
French REW, AOC Self, Ag, Ag Patt, Ch AOC N/Self.
Mini REW, B, AOC Self, Ag, AOC Ag Pat, S/Fwn, Seal/Sab, Or/Fwn AOC N/Self.
German REW, AOC Self, Ag, Stl, AOC Ag Patt, AOC N/Self.
Lion AC, AOC Self, AC N/Self.
Unst Lop AA.
Jr Lop Exh AVAA


Judge: Mr R Platt
Erm, Blk, Blue, Ag Patt.
Or/Fawn, S/S/S, M/S/S, AOC N/Self.
Mini Rex
AOC Self,
Ag Patt.
S/S/S, M/S/S.
AOC N/Self.
Unst Rex AA
Jr Rex Exh AVAA


Judge: Mr J Kay
Du 7 col
N Dwf REW, B, AOC Self, Ag/Ch, AOC Ag Pat, Si S/S, Ma S/S, B Otter, Otter AOC, Fox, AOC.
Eng 5 col.
Pol REW, Col.
Him AC
Sil AC
Tan AC
B Hare AC
RV Fancy.
AOV Fancy
Unst Fancy AA
Jr Fancy exh AVAA

BRC 1* Show

Classification: Ad/U5 (U4 Dutch)

Schedule and rules as for 2* Show. No pet classes

Please note all exhibits will be auto-entered – Please state CLEARLY when entering if you do not wish to exhibit in the 1* Show

Entry Fees: £1.50/£1 SRSBC ( + £1.50 Penning Fee per rabbit if not entered in 2* Show.
Prizes: NPM.
Judges: Mr C Gregory (Fur & Rex) TBC (Fancy & Lop)

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