Booking a trade stand

Trade Stands

Outdoor Trade Stands is now closed. For a further assistance please contact the Trade Stand secretary: D Jenkinson  MOB 07592828419 

Please follow the steps listed below – The following process has been deactivated for this years show.

Check out the prices and sizes below to make sure you get the pitch you want before somebody else snaps it up.

First Step – consider your options

Catering  Concessions: All drinks, food, and ice cream sold for consumption on the show ground please contact the catering secretary.
Please Note – All Public Catering Concessions for 2019 have been allocated. To be considered for the 2020 Show, please apply in November with the price you are prepared to pay for your pitch.

Inside Trade Stands; there is some limited space in the food hall/ craft tent.  Please note that Food/Drink products sold in the Food Hall are for consumption off the Showground. This applies particularly to the sale of alcoholic drinks. To take a trade stand in here please contact the craft secretary

Second Step – for outside trade stands only

Download the application form. The application form gives details of the trade stand types, sizes, cost and location. The layout plans  and charges below will help you decide on the location.

Pitches on the Main Show Field

Honley Show Plan 2019

Dark blue – 15m width x 15m depth – £475
Dark Pink – End of row (2 open sides)  – 8m width x 7m depth – £165 SOLD OUT
Light Pink – Mid row (open front)     – 8m width x 7m depth –£120 SOLD OUT

Pitches in the Trade Village

Trade Village Plan

End of row (2 open sides) outer rows   – 6.5m width x 6.5m depth –£130 SOLD OUT
Mid row (open front) outer rows      – 6.5m width x 6.5m depth – £95 SOLD OUT
End of row (2 open sides) inner rows   – 8m width x 7m depth – £150 SOLD OUT
Mid row (open front) inner rows      – 8m width x 7m depth – £110
Mid row inner row but HALF SIZE     – 4m width x 7m depth – £72

Third step – make your booking and payment

Book a Showfield stand
Book a Trade Village stand

You will be transferred to the payment page where you will be given a range of payment options. The process will send a message directly to the Trade Stands secretary who will provisionally reserve your place subject to completing the booking process.

Fourth step

After making your electronic booking you need to send  a copy of your Public Liability Insurance certificate, a completed Application form and Risk Assessment form, with a stamped addressed envelope, to the Trades Stands Secretary. Your application will not be confirmed until these are received. The forms can be filled out and returned electronically but the stamped addressed envelope will need posting.

The secretary will contact you if your chosen pitch type has been sold, and offer an alternative (where possible). If all the pitches have been sold, you will be given a refund. The early bird rates will be applied at the point of purchase.

Trade Stand contact details:

David Jenkinson

Mobile: 0759 282 8419