Happy to help 4 local schools in 2019

Every year – funds permitting – we make charitable donations to local causes who we feel have share our values and interests. One of our key aims is to encourage children to love and respect the countryside and with that in mind we are delighted to announce we have just made awards totalling £2,300 to 4 local schools.

  • Barnaby’s Day Nursery are putting the money towards a new greenhouse to grow fruit and veg.
  • Farnley Tyas 1st School are using it to complete fencing around the school garden.
  • Hepworth J&I are improving the safety features of their Trim Trail which is available to all the local community
  • Highburton are putting ittowards more beekeeping equipment, appropriate clothing and an outdoor shelter to enable activities to continue throughout the year.

All the schools help us promote the show and take an active part in it on the day by competing in our Handicrafts competition.